2. Saturday Night Fever

    Hey dudes, it’s Saturday night! But instead of going to see Major Taylor spin at Bonny’s (must resist the urge to dance), I’m resting up because I’ve been a bit under the weather lately. And you know I’ve gotta be in practically perfect health, because we’ve got our first show coming up!

    As previously mentioned, it’s Wednesday the 1st, at Schubas, with Mark Rose (!) and I believe we go on at 8pm. Come on out and hang with us! After our set, I’m gonna need a drink or three, and I’d like to have them with you.

    Guess what else? We recorded a song last week! We headed over to Million Yen studios Thursday night, where the patient and always smiling Jeff Dean hooked it up, literally.

    We wrote the song for the upcoming Suburban Sprawl records holiday comp, which we’re very excited to be a part of. You can check out comps from previous years  here. There’s some real holiday magic in there. We’ll be sharing our contribution with you soon.

    After more than a few hours, and some tasteful decision making, we came out with a finished product that we can all stand by. It felt great to hear what we sounded like recorded AND to work together in the studio. Practice, studio, stage. It’s always different. It’s almost always exciting. This time was no exception. I usually have trouble hearing myself sing, (ok, I hate it) but after 4 or 5 times, I just started to pretend like it was somebody else. I think it worked! My band mates were kind. My engineer gave me tough love. We all brought our A game and we definitely had fun.

    I think it will be even more fun to play this show. Bad Boys will see you Wednesday, Schubas.


    Lauren Lo


  3. All I need is one mic

    Everywhere I go, I can’t stop telling people about my new band. If you’re a friend of mine, you’ve probably heard a lot. I talk a lot.

    The really cool thing that’s starting to happen is that all that talk is being turned into something. Something exciting and something that is hard to deny. A band that I believe in and that I feel proud to be *gasp* fronting. So I thought it was time to make our presence known. I think we’re ready. We got this.

    My band is called Bad Boys. Bret Wallin and Ryan Germain are the best bandmates a girl could ask for. Next time I see them, I’m gonna make them smile for my camera so I can show you. We’ve been working hard this month, because on Wednesday, December 1st, we’re playing our first show at Schubas! Much love and thanks to the wonderful Mark Rose who we’ll be opening for.

    I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we’re very excited to show you our songs. The process of writing and arranging thus far has been fun, and challenging and making me want more.

    So, mark your calenders for the 1st, listen to me tell it like it is, and enjoy yourselves. I hear the Schuba’s promoter is excited. So that’s kinda cool.

    All I need is one mic…and Bret and Ryan…and the perfect outfit.


    Lauren Lo